Dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals!

By working with Teresa Kuhn in most cases:

  • your net worth will increase
  • your exposure to risk will decrease
  • without additional dollars out of pocket
  • by redirecting your cash flow or repositioning your assets

Life is a challenge. As the saying goes, just when you’re about to make ends meet, someone moves the ends.

Whether your goals include college education funding, retirement planning, generating income, or tax reduction strategies –whether your objectives are growth, safety, income, or a combination of all three –

Teresa Kuhn and the staff of Living Wealthy Financial Group are committed to helping you reach them. We have a hands-on approach to building financial health and addressing needs as they change over time.

Teresa has specialized training in properly structuring a policy designed to maximize the power of the Bank On Yourself concept and has undergone many hours of additional training on the technical aspects of the features that make these policies such a powerful financial tool.

Teresa has passed a certification test and has demonstrated competency with the concept, she regularly takes continuing education classes, and works under the guidance of a Bank On Yourself technical and policy-design specialist team that has collectively designed tens of thousands ofpolicies for the concept.

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