by Tammy de Leeuw


…”how we?ve been taught to save for our future is the reason most Americans have no real financial security.” –Pamela Yellen, author Bank on Yourself


“Stop the ride NOW, I want to get off!”

It was the plaintive cry of a scared kid at our local amusement park, begging to be let off one of the thrill rides.

Following park procedure, the operator pushed a big red emergency stop button and we all came to a grinding halt.  The boy hugged his mom who scolded him. “I told you not to go on this ride.”

“Yeah, mom.  I knew it would be scary.  Just not THAT scary!”

That incident made me think of the millions of people who thought the same thing when they gave away their savings to Wall Street.

They were realistic enough to know there is SOME risk inherent in investing, but they didn’t expect to be exposed to the kind of volatility the stock market has experienced over the past few years.

Never before has America been in such a precarious financial situation, nor have the mood swings that drive Wall Street been so pronounced. Never before have so many of us been afraid to open our financial statements, lest we be confronted with the ugly truth about how much money our portfolio has lost.

They keep telling us, ‘Everything will be alright…”

Watching helplessly from the sidelines as your savings are sacrificed to the greed and dirty dealings of the Street, chipped away by creeping inflation that the government says doesn’t exist, or tortured by ever-increasing tax and fee hikes, it’s understandable if you are thinking:

“Stop the ride NOW, I want to get off!”

If I have learned anything from Teresa, it’s that you don’t have to stay on the ride a second longer or wait for  the “operator” (the government or the Federal Reserve)  to stop it for for you. You can do it yourself, using a systematic, risk-resistant, and time-proven Bank on Yourself plan.

Using the specially-designed, customized Bank on Yourself policies as the cornerstone of your financial plan makes good sense, particularly if you are trying to retire before you hit 100, or you want to stop paying exhorbitant interest every time you want to make a major purchase.

For business owners who, even with stellar credit, are finding it nearly impossible to borrow money to expand or improve their businesses, owning a BOY policy (or two or three) could mean the difference between being able to hire more people… or having to shut the doors.

I’ve talked to Teresa Kuhn’s clients, many of whom are small business owners or self-employed professionals, and they have all told me that having their money safe and sound in a custom BOY plan has made a huge difference to their businesses and their peace of mind.

So, if you’ve been thinking you need to STOP THE RIDE you’ve been on..

If you’re sick and tired at being at the mercy of Wall Street and the banking establishment..

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