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2404, 2017

April 24 Show: Ryan Fowler, Asset Protection Strategist

Our economy is heating up, and it might be tempting to assume your assets are safe and sound. But how much thought have you actually put into guarding your wealth and ensuring your estate is protected for your children and grandchildren? Many economists and forecasters are predicting a market correction or severe downturn in the near future. Do you know for sure how well your portfolio would weather such a storm?

2003, 2017

March 20 Show: Economic Forecaster, Chris Martenson

The times, they are a changing, right? Do you ever wonder where we will be in 15 or 20 years? Things are still tight in this country, but many believe we’re headed for better days. The stock market is high and the dollar is strong. But when will the next downturn occur? Can we learn from the past and take steps to prevent the next collapse?

1303, 2017

March 13 Show: Wealth Protection Expert, Mark Nestmann

Are you feeling a bit better about the economy than you have in recent years? Or are you concerned that we are still following many of the same policies and generally heading in the wrong direction? Is a market correction looming in the near future? What can we do to protect our assets and stand up for our rights?

2301, 2017

Jan 23 Show: College Planning Expert, Jon Dault

Life is all about seasons. Perhaps your current season of life is being a parent with children – and wondering how you will be able to send them to college. When the time arrives, what will you do?

201, 2017

Jan 2 Show: Jeff Seibert, Dentist & Serial Entrepreneur

Do you have a dream of opening a business but don’t know if you have what it takes? Do you ever consider going back to school to get your dream job? Or maybe you’ve tried starting a business only to get burned. What’s the answer? How can you achieve the success you want...

2111, 2016

Nov 21 Show: Austrian Economist & Author, Dr. Mark Thornton

Why do we have recessions and depressions? Why does our money always seem to buy less and less? Why is unemployment so rampant? Dr. Mark Thornton, a senior fellow at the Mises Institute explains why our economy is broke, and how Austrian economics is the solution...

2609, 2016

Sept 26 Show: Ryan Fowler, Financial Strategist

The economy is once again slowing down and some experts are predicting a serious downturn in the near future. Are your assets ready to weather the storm? What if you’re hit by your very own personal financial storm, such as a lawsuit, a liability issue, or a serious medical emergency? Are your assets safe, or...

1209, 2016

Sept 12 Show: Misty Zinsmeyer, LegalShield Gun Owners Advocate

Do you or someone you know have a concealed weapons permit or enjoy shooting? Have you ever wondered about the laws governing firearm use and carry? There are so many rules on the books, it can be a daunting task to stay on top of the legality for this issue. And getting it wrong could mean serious legal trouble. But what do you do?

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