What is going on with our children? Why are our kids contracting disorders and illnesses that were virtually unheard of just a generation ago? While some claim that we’re only now hearing about these things because of better diagnosis, the evidence clearly shows that our children are suffering from higher rates of allergies, attention disorders, and autism than ever before. The medical establishment claims autism is largely a genetic problem, but others cite directly proportional rates of increase for both autism and child vaccinations to argue that it is actually the vaccines that are to blame.

Our guest in this episode, Mary Tocco, is a speaker, parental rights advocate, radio host, health educator, and founder of the website, ChildhoodShots.com. She is the vice president of Heart For Autism, a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds for families affected by autism. She is Co-founder and currently on the board of the American Chiropractic Autism Board as well as a board member for World Association of Vaccine Information. In 2006, she produced an education film, “Are Vaccines Safe?” which has been viewed by over a quarter million people.