Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be able to build wealth and make money with ease? Have you ever felt that you just weren’t a “people person” or that you just couldn’t communicate very well? Sometimes, we make excuses for ourselves by saying those people were just born that way. They must have a gift or talent that we don’t have. We never seize life’s full potential, thinking it’s just the way we are or that we don’t have the skills to pursue a particular way of life.

Our guest, Darrel Rundus, is the founder and former CEO of the world’s largest newspaper circulation sales & marketing firm, Circulation Promotions Unlimited. He has been on various TV shows and radio talk shows and a speaker at many major events. He’s rubbed shoulders with heavy hitters like Kirk Cameron, Alex Jones, Josh McDowell, and many others. He is a born-again Christian and the Writer, Producer, Director, and Host of the hit TV show, Prayer Stop. This entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, who never graduated high school, has trained thousands of people to effectively approach and communicate with the public and make the most out of this life.