nick dranias, article v convention, con con DraniasDid you know the current national debt is over 18 trillion dollars? In case you’re wondering, that’s about 150 thousand dollars per taxpayer! How in the world is that sustainable? And what would it mean for us if the US had to default on such a staggering mountain of debt? And most importantly, how do we change this?

There’s a lot of talk about raising the debt ceiling and the need for more borrowing, but most Americans realize that more spending is NOT the solution – but how do we stop the people in charge from mortgaging our children’s future? If our representatives and government won’t do it for us, is there anything we can do to make a real change?

Our guest, Nick Dranias, is an attorney and the President & Executive Director for Compact for America Educational Foundation, Inc. And he’s found what he believes is the solution to reign in a rogue federal government and get the spending back under control.