Teresa Kuhn Interviews Jason Jones of Vital Farms

Learn the difference between “organic” “free-range” “cage-free” and factory farmed eggs and how one Texas based company is making a stand on behalf of humane, organic egg farming.

Teresa Kuhn Interviews Author and Life Coach, Tom Hill

Teresa interviews noted motivational speaker, coach, and author Dr. Tom Hill. Dr. Hill discusses six of the common characteristics of successful people.

Teresa Kuhn Interviews Privacy Expert Katherine Albrecht

Teresa interviews noted privacy expert Katherine Albrecht about dangers of intrusive government, collection and selling of individuals’ personal information, identity-theft. Find out how to protect yourself from privacy invasion!

Teresa Kuhn Interviews Persausion and Influence Expert Jim Fortin

Jim discusses how mind authority network helps anyone become better at influence-persuasion.

Teresa Kuhn Interviews the Founder of the Infinite Banking Concept, Nelson Nash

Is there ANY safe place to store your cash in these volatile times? Teresa interviews bestselling author, speaker, and creator of the Infinite Banking Concept, Nelson Nash, to learn if such a place exists in this economy. Nelson demonstrates why conventional financial advice is not working and why whole life insurance is coming to the rescue.

Teresa Kuhn Interviews Fortress Credit Pro CEO Rondi Lambeth

Government statistics show that over 80% of Americans have errors on their credit reports! Rondi explains what a GOOD credit score really is and how to come back after your credit has been destroyed.