What would it take for you to feel as if you have truly achieved greatness? A more successful lucrative career? More wealth creation for you and your family? To lose weight, and get in shape? Maybe it’s to find spiritual fulfill-ness or to build stronger bonds with those you care most about. Hold in your mind for just a moment and think about how you are going to get there- what is your plan? Do you have one, or are you stuck on how to get to that next step? My guest today is Gina Mollicone-Long, best selling author, entrepreneur, and greatness coach. Gina has made it her life’s mission to help individuals, teams and organization reveal their greatness by studying successful people and re-creating the steps they took to achieve results.

More about Gina’s program can be found online at http://www.ginaml.com/. You can buy her best selling books, Think or Sink and The Secret of Successful Failing at http://www.ginaml.com/books.html.