Last week on Living Wealthy Radio we talked to my good friend and mentor, Van Mueller, a top producer and expert on insurance, annuities, the new economy, and how to digest all this information we are bombarded with today and use it to build a secure financial future for ourselves, our families and our businesses.We are going to continue our conversation today. Knowing what we know, does anyone think that young people are going to be able to accumulate money for the future? They are coming out of college with a mortgage, into an uncertain economy, paying into a social security system that’s broken- that can’t promise to be there for them when they plan on using it, and living in a country trillions of dollars in debt- and no way to pay it off.
So what does that have to do with life insurance and annuities? More than you would think!
It may seem like it’s all doom and gloom, but it’s not. It’s being educated, and preparing for the future. And part of that means figuring out what products work and don’t work. I am passionate about insurance because insurance companies have survived it all. Depressions, recessions, Wall street ups and downs – because they plan and invest for the long term. My office is ready to help you use these strategies to plan for a strong financial future.
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