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Topic: Personal Development

1906, 2017

June 19 Show: Master Negotiator, Herb Cohen

Could you use more power of persuasion in your professional dealings? Do you sometimes feel like it’s not easy getting a potential client, employee, or partner to say ‘yes?’ No matter what area of life – from personal relationships to investments to your career – everything is a negotiation. And if we understand the nature of negotiations and how to get from ‘no’ to ‘yes,’ our lives could be enriched in so many ways.

2205, 2017

May 22 Show: Health & Performance Expert, Dr. Matthew Accurso

Do you have plenty of energy to get through your day and accomplish your goals every week? Do you look and feel as vibrant and healthy as you did ten years ago? Most people would probably say no. Productivity, energy levels, and vibrancy seem to decline the older we get – but does it have to be that way? Can we look and feel energized and vibrant throughout our lifespans?

1704, 2017

April 17 Show: Brian Scrone, Harmonizing Career & Family

Can you have a thriving career and meaningful relationships with your loved ones? Do success and greatness come from hard work? Or is that only part of the story? Could it be that fulfillment and happiness come from harmonizing your investment in your family with your investment in yourself?

1004, 2017

April 10 Show: Humanitarian & Project Linus Founder, Karen Rinedollar

Do you long for more fulfillment and meaningful relationships in life? How do you prioritize and focus more on the truly rewarding aspects of living without getting bogged down by the daily grind?

304, 2017

April 3 Show: Jason Havey, Mental Wellness Expert

Are you health conscious? Taking care of your body is important, but there’s more to health than just that. What about your mind? Do you ever wish you had more clarity of purpose, mental tenacity, or emotional peace?

2703, 2017

March 27 Show: Career & Hiring Trends Expert, Dr. Tracey Wilen

Developing technologies and shifting demographic trends are shaking things up. Which occupations will be in the most demand this year and next? Which skills are most important to succeed in the future? What will the job market look like in the next few years?

603, 2017

March 6 Show: Larunce Pipkin, Author & Success Coach

Are you tired of never getting ahead or not being able to achieve your goals? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have much control over the direction of your life? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do whatever you could dream up? What does it take to regain control of your destiny and soar? Perhaps the answer to these questions is simple – but just out of our reach.

2702, 2017

Feb 27 Show: Tony Lillios, Living the Entrepreneurial Dream

Do you find yourself wondering what your next big idea should be or how you can take your business to the next level? Maybe you sometimes wonder about how you should prioritize your life and what goals you should set for your career. Are you missing something?

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