In the early 2000’s our country experienced the burst of the housing bubble due in large to high risk lending practices in big, commercial banks. No homeowner has been able to escape the effects of this crisis. Your may had someone close to you watch the value of their home drop drastically or even more tragically, lost your home or watched as your loved ones were forced to foreclose on their homes. Will we ever see the light at the end of the tunnel? Ryan Leahy is a senior loan officer at Cornerstone Mortgage Company, and he is with us today to share with you some good practices when obtaining a mortgage that will help you figure out the home financing mortgage best for your financial situation so you will be able to protect important assets such as your home. Ryan will share his expertise with you on:

-The biggest challenges in today’s lending environment

-What potential borrowers should watch out for when financing a home

-How QE3 and the low interest rate environment will effect mortgage lending

Ryan will also debunk myths about paying cash for a home and following the advice of financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey who encourage you to pay off your mortgage loan. Is this really the best practice? You’ll have to listen to find out!

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