The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, known predominantly in the news media as ‘Obamacare’ was passed into law in 2010. A gigantic piece of legislation, which reaches 7 feet 3 inches high when stacked up, includes the original 2,700 pages of regulations plus 20,000 pages of additional regulations that have been added since 2010. The passing of this legislation has caused fear and confusion to rip across our country, and who can blame people for being concerned about how the bill will effect them? After all, who has the time to read close to 23,000 pages worth of regulations regarding health care? Business have responded by cutting back full time workers, and only hiring part time or temporary workers for fear of the cost of benefits. Doctors across the nation are concerned about having to close their practices. And ordinary Americans- you and I- are worried that we may lose our private health insurance, suffer a drastic increase in premium, and lose the easy access we’ve enjoyed to medical professionals.
My guest today, Rick Liuang, a health insurance professional, enlisted the help of a CPA and attorney in 2012 to try and figure out the implications of the Affordable Health Care Act. He is here today to help us understand in a non-politically charged way how Obamacare will effect individuals, small business owners, and seniors.
We will discuss:
  • The misconceptions about the new health care bill
  • The biggest winners and losers as a result of the passing of the ACA bill
  • How the ACA will effect Medicare and Medicaid
  • How doctors will respond
  • What you can do TODAY to minimalize the impact this bill will have on you and your family.
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