We all want to see our children go to the school of their choice to pursue their goals and dreams. However, with tuition hikes causing many families going into tremendous amounts of debt, funding a college education seems like an impossible feat. Marvin Bulas is an Authorized Bank on Yourself advisor that specializes in building policies to help cover the costs of college. The best part is, with Marvin’s proven strategies, parents are able to do so without going into debt- and so much more! Every parent will want to hear how Marvin can help you use a Bank on Yourself policy to:

-Continue to earn interest on the money you are using from your policy to pay for college. Essentially-your money will work double for you!

-Know exactly how much you will have in your policy when your children are ready to go to college, without worrying about what the market is doing!

-Pay the interest you would normally pay to a finance company back to your own policy!

All this- plus Marvin will shatter some of your conventional beliefs about how to plan for college. You don’t want to miss it!

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