Jon DaultLife is all about seasons. Perhaps your current season of life is being a parent with children – and wondering how you will be able to send them to college. When the time arrives, what will you do? The cost of a college education is rising rapidly, and many people are at a loss as to how they will ever be able to put their children through college when the time comes. Sure, there are grants and scholarships out there – but do you know how to find them and apply? The sad reality is many parents inevitably have to sacrifice their retirement account or nest egg to send their kids to college. And some simply are unable to send them at all.

Our guest, Jon Dault, is a college planning professional who helps families navigate the financial seasons of life. His firm assists in overcoming these obstacles and creating strategies to better harness assets and achieve financial goals that would be otherwise impossible. He’s going to share with us just how we can prepare for the future and make smart money choices that will benefit our families for years to come.