Nelson Nash PhotoLiving Wealthy Radio® welcomes a very special guest on today’s show, best selling author of “Becoming Your Own Banker” and the mind behind the infinite banking concept, Nelson Nash. From his days as a forester, Nelson has always thought in terms of making things last for decades, and investing was no exception. The desire to build a legacy for himself and generations to come led Nelson to uncover the secret wealth-building concepts the rich were using through dividend-paying whole life insurance! Now he is sharing their secrets and will teach you how to:

-Finance life’s major purchases through a Bank on Yourself policy using the time tested infinite banking concepts!

-Pay the interest you have been giving to finance companies back to yourself!

-Never have to step foot in a bank or be declined for a loan again!

-Creditor-proof your hard-earned dollars!

-Beat the IRS at their own game!

This show will blow your views on money out of the water! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to apply Nelson’s wisdom and knowledge in your life!

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