end drug war, war on drugs fail, cops against drug warDo you think the War on Drugs is working? Or is it time to re-think the issue? Does locking up people who do drugs solve the problem, or does it just make the problem worse? Maybe someone you know has a drug addiction problem – is government intervention the best cure for them? Is jail time what they really need to get back on the straight and narrow? For several decades now, the US government has taken the stance that drug addiction or drug use is a criminal matter rather than a health issue. More laws, more cops, more inmates – but still we have a drug problem. Our prison population is soaring, yet drug use doesn’t seem to be going down. What is the real answer to drug abuse? Is it time to consider other options?

Our guest, Joanne Naughton, is a former NYPD undercover narcotics agent who now says we should completely abolish the War on Drugs. She has seen both sides of the drug war up close, and she’s going to share with us what the real solutions are for drug abuse in this country.