The TSA was created shortly after 9/11 as a response to the attacks and a way to keep the travelling public safe. 12 years, and countless stories about the harassment, assault, and misuse of authority later we can’t help but wonder if this is just another example of the federal government’s knee jerk reaction of pouring money on a problem to keep the public quiet. Our guest today is Becky Akers, who has not only reported in great length on the TSA’s incompetence, but is a advocate for individual liberty. She’s written for multiple publications, including, the Washington Post, the NY Post, and the American History Magazine.

Teresa and Becky will discuss:

  • Does the TSA make air travel any safer?
  • Do pat-downs and Advanced Imaging Technology violate our 4th amendment rights?
  • How the TSA and federal government have responded to claims of harassment and abuse at the hands of TSA agents

In the second half of the show, Becky will talk about her recently published novel, ‘Halestorm’, set during the American Revolutionary War about the spy and anarchist, Nathan Hale. You will learn the truth behind some the stories you have been taught about American history!

It’s so important that we question conventional wisdom. We will find that so many stories we have been told have been watered down or altered to serve some agenda other than education about where we really come from as Americans. At Living Wealthy Financial, we expose the truth behind conventional financial wisdom, and teach why Wall Street and the banks are working against you and not for you. Call my office today to find out more about the truth about money and how to start Banking on Yourself.

You can purchase Becky Aker’s intriguing new novel, ‘Halestorm’, on!