by Tammy de Leeuw
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Ken Baxter is my kind of entrepreneur…

The kind who wakes up every morning wondering what impossible task he can accomplish, what floundering project he can take control of and bring back to life.

Ken is someone who, smack dab in the middle of Nevada’s biggest recession ever, managed to establish a multi-million dollar real estate marketing company. Not only is that company, Performance Marketing (PMA) the number one new home marketing company in the Las Vegas Valley, but it continues to grow in spite of the lingering housing slump.

In addition to being one of the savviest real estate entrepreneurs on the planet, he is also a space exploration fanatic. In fact, Ken has the distinction of being the first person to buy a ticket on Richard Branson’s VIRGIN GALACTIC space tourist flight.

You’ll enjoy learning from Ken Baxter, and you might also feel more hopeful about your own situation after listening to his incredible story.

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