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2108, 2017

Aug 21 Show: Surgeon Who Cured Cancer Naturally, Dr. Lorraine Day

August 21st, 2017|

Have you or someone you know ever struggled with cancer? What would you do? Many choose to do absolutely nothing, believing the so-called “treatments” are worse than the disease. Others go through surgery, radiation, or chemo, and sometimes they beat it – for a while. But often the cancer comes back. And even if it doesn’t, the so-called “treatments” cause lasting harm to their body in the process. But what if there were a better way to handle disease? What if you could improve your health and longevity naturally?

1408, 2017

Aug 14 Show: Master Negotiator, Herb Cohen

August 14th, 2017|

Could you use more power of persuasion in your professional dealings? Do you sometimes feel like it’s not easy getting a potential client, employee, or partner to say ‘yes?’ No matter what area of life – from personal relationships to investments to your career – everything is a negotiation. And if we understand the nature of negotiations and how to get from ‘no’ to ‘yes,’ our lives could be enriched in so many ways.

708, 2017

Aug 7 Show: T-Tapp Workout Founder, Teresa Tapp

August 7th, 2017|

Have you been trying to lose a few pounds but can’t seem to get the momentum going? Are you frustrated by a slowing metabolism, your body type, or conflicting diet tips? Staying fit and healthy is an important aspect of a balanced and fulfilled life. But not everyone has the time or discipline for long, strenuous workouts. What can you do to get back in shape or tone up?

3107, 2017

July 31 Show: Roger Stone, Trump Insider & Political Operative

July 31st, 2017|

Were you shocked when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States? Are you wondering what comes next and will this truly change the game? What’s really going on behind the scenes? Is America experiencing a revolution?

2407, 2017

July 24 Show: Author & Fed Insider, Chris Whalen

July 24th, 2017|

Are you confident about the recovery, or do you suspect things aren’t really getting much better? Is a market correction looming? What is the Fed up to? Perhaps you want to know what technologies to invest in or how to hedge your investments.

1707, 2017

July 17 Show: Success Author, Brian Scrone

July 17th, 2017|

Does success come from working harder and digging deeper to build your career? Or is there more to success than how well you do in business? What do you actually invest your quality TIME into? That’s the measure of your real priorities.

1007, 2017

July 10 Show: Organic Skincare Advocate, Wendi Sudhakar

July 10th, 2017|

Have you ever stopped to think about what you put on your skin? What sort of chemicals are being absorbed by your skin from your cosmetics, skincare products, and soaps? The average American carries about 200 toxins in their body. How does this affect our health and wellbeing?

307, 2017

July 3 Show: Banking Alternatives Author, Lisa Servon

July 3rd, 2017|

At one point in our nation’s history, banks were a helpful part of our daily lives. However, in recent decades, Americans’ views of the banking industry have begun to change, and it’s becoming more apparent that banks put big profits first – before their customers. Many Americans are waking up and asking, What can we do about this? How can we take back control of our own money?

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