KevinMiller headshotDo you have a child who has been prescribed Ritalin or been put on psychotropic drugs? Perhaps you know someone who has been on antipsychotics. For decades, scores of doctors, government officials, journalists, and others have extolled the benefits of psychiatric medicines for children. In some states, over half of all children in foster care are on these powerful mind- and mood-altering drugs. More and more children are being prescribed anti-depressants, and you have to wonder: what are the consequences of drugging an entire generation of our youth?

Many have argued that the increase in school shootings and child suicides is directly linked to this mass medication of America’s young people. Many experts and researchers believe the mental problems that are now epidemic among our children are simply the inevitable consequence of prescribing more and more drugs to our children. So what can we do about this? Can we take on the pharmaceutical industry for the sake of our kids?

Our guest, Kevin P. Miller, is an international award winning Writer, Producer, and Director who has conducted extensive research into this problem. He has a new film coming out later this year, Letters From Generation RX, and is going to help us better understand the full extent of the problem and how to correct it.