As a business owner, are your bottom-line profits suffering as a result of the economy? Does your company come back empty-handed after exhibiting at a trade show? Today on Living Wealthy Radio, we will be talking to Robert Marsi, CEO of Marsi & Associates, Robert’s firm specializes in helping businesses (most of whom are Fortune 500 companies) profit by attending trade shows. Robert is horrified at how most companies exhibiting at trade shows are doing it all wrong, and end up with hardly any leads to follow-up with, costing them thousands and sometimes millions with no return-on-investment. Robert has developed and will share with you today the simple 3 C formula that defines success at any trade show, common mistrakes you may be making that negatively impact lead generation, and how to generate more leads in an hour, than you would normally in a day!
Robert will share you you today:
-Why he finds it important to help business owners with their marketing campaigns

-His famous 3 C formula, and how does it work?

-How business owners such as yourself can easily implement this formula in their own businesses?

-How his background in magic and psychology allows him to help your business succeed.

-Why businesses feel they have to spend tons of money on booths at trade shows, and why the public is normally unimpressed with this kind of display

-How you can start capturing your market’s attention today!

After you listen to the show be sure to visit Robert Marsi’s webiste: He is giving away a seminar valued at $7,500 for those that sign up and mention Living Wealthy Radio!
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