TarrinLupo HeadshotHow do we change a system that will never change on its own?  The excessive over-regulation of what was once a free market keeps us from being able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Have you ever wondered what it would take to turn America around and stop the tyranny and financial chaos? Well, one way might be to simply “starve the beast” – defund the system. Are you tired of income taxes on state and federal levels, property and vehicle taxes, sales taxes – even taxes on death?? How can we achieve a financially stable life with all of this taxation and regulations?  And to make matters worse, those tax dollars are used to strengthen the governmental excess we are trying to stop!  Election after election, the situation gets worse, no matter who we vote for. But there are other ways, besides political avenues, to defund the system, to take back our freedom, and to liberate ourselves financially.

Our guest, Tarrin Lupo, is a modern-day renaissance man who seems to have already lived three lifetimes. He is best known as an author, but he is also recognized as a national liberty activist. Tarrin self-published over 20 stories, five of which have made it to the Top 100 on Amazon – with almost no financial investment. He leveraged social media instead. One of his novels was the #1 highest rated historical fiction eBook on Amazon for more than five months straight. He is a speaker, columnist, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed “agorist.”