The American financial system has turned into a casino and Wall Street is gambling with your money. You are told everyday to put your money in 401k’s to save safely for retirement, yet seniors getting ready to retire are finding that they have lost tens of thousands of dollars by following conventional wisdom and investing their 401k’s heavily in the stock market. Barry Dyke is our guest today and the President of Castle Asset Management in New Hampshire. Barry warned of the underlying problems in our economy in 2007 in his book, “Pirates of Manhattan” before we entered this current financial crisis. He understood then what we are learning about now, that commercial banks and Wall Street investment banks have an enormous amount of power of the financial system in American, and in how you grow your wealth. He is here today to teach you why permanent life insurance is the solution to our current economic dilemma and will help you build a stronger financial foundation.

-What financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman are saying about retirement savings as 401k’s that are completely untrue!

-Who are the elite in America, and how are they investing their money?

-Why banks have more invested in cash value life insurance then in hard assets.

-The relationship Wall Street has with banks and the federal government that should have you concerned.

-How you can start using permanent life insurance to create a stream of income in retirement that you can count on each and every year!

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