Post traumatic stress disorder and depression are just a couple of the psychological diseases in our country with incidence rates that are increasing. We hear warnings about the dangerous side effects of the drugs used to treat these illnesses, but we don’t hear of any changes being made by pharmaceutical companies and doctors. In 2011 it was reported that there are around 21.5 million veterans in the United States. Forbes recently published an article about the suicide rates amount veterans and active duty military has jumped from 18 to 22 per day. Unfortunately this is not a new or unique issue and it has become clear in the last few years of tracking this problem that current efforts to help are not decreasing the numbers. So where do those that have sacrificed for our country and fought for our freedoms go for help? When they have come home from war, from experiencing violence and terror on a level we can not even imagine, and are left at the mercy of a broken system to cope with the emotional and physical damage that has been done to them.

Our guest today is Dr. Mark Millar, D.C., also known as the Lithium Doctor for his controversial treatment and research. Dr. Millar has spent the last few years researching the healing properties of a compound that has been named toxic by many doctors and pharmaceutical companies. He believes this compound will help people struggling with PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, and a number of other mental and physical ailments.

Dr. Millar and Teresa will discuss:

  • How Lithium Orotate is different from pharma-lithium.
  • The positive effects lithium orotate has on drug addiction withdrawal, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.
  • What Harvard University says about lithium orotate
  • Dr. Millar’s organization: Operation Set Them Free, which helps veterans and military families.

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