Life insurance can be a dirty word today, with many products and companies getting a bad rap. It’s purchased to protect against the ‘what-ifs’ the ‘worst case scenarios’.  The problem is, there are tons of products out there, each with it’s advantages and disadvantages. Add to that the fact that there are uneducated agents selling to uneducated consumers and it’s no wonder we are told that insurance is a bad investment. But the truth is, insurance is a great thing to have in today’s unpredictable world, and many products offer benefits that consumers can use even in the best of circumstances. You just have to find the right product and the right person to buy from.

My guest today, Van Mueller, just celebrated his 39th year as an insurance agent. As one of the top producers in the country, he is an expert on insurance and one of my personal mentors. I’m so happy to have him on the show today.
There is so much to talk about when it comes to life insurance, annuities, and the current economy. We are living in a brand new world of information, and we are drowning in data, so it’s difficult to get through all this in one hour. We are going to have Van re-join us next week, so we can continue to discuss how you can survive in the new economy and why you can not depend on politicians to solve the problem, because they can’t solve the problem.
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