While we are hearing in the news about pink-slime in processed meats, the dangerous effects of additives and fillers in our foods, and the health crises in our country as a result from this trend of fast, unhealthy, nutrient poor food lifestyle we have bought into as a country; entrepreneurs like Jason Jones from Vital Farms are making a difference. Not even in the quality of the food he is producing but the treatment of his animals and the integrity of his business model. Vital Farms is an Austin, TX based network of family owned farms that supplies pasture raised hens and poultry. Their simple business philosophy- respect the birds and they’ll produce the highest quality product. They were named the #1 fastest growing food company in the US by Inc 500 magazine after partnering with Whole Foods, and have prompted many conventional farmers to re-think their own business model.
Jason shares with you today:
  • The shocking truth behind conventional chicken farming.
  • Why the philosophy of ‘respect the birds and they will produce the highest quality food’ has helped them succeed as a company.
  • Why it’s important to consume organic, pasture raised poultry.
  • How to choose humanely raised  foods from the grocery store to improve your health.
Being aware of what we are putting in our bodies will help you live a happier, healthier, longer, and more vibrant life. Eating well is a huge part of that. You can find Jason’s egg and poultry products at many stores in Texas including Whole Foods, HEB, and Central Market.
For our listeners outside Texas, visit vitalfarms.com, and Find our Eggs to find where you can buy humane, pasture raised eggs near you.