re: Michael Badnarik interview…



If you missed our special “Declaration of Independence” show with author, speaker, and

former Libertarian Party presidential candidate MICHAEL BADNARIK…

We have decided to repeat it on Sunday, July 3rd in honor of Independence Day.



The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are amazing documents about which most Americans know little or nothing.  Michael Badnarik manages to not only teach people things they never knew about these blueprints for personal freedom, but he does so in an entertaining style.

In this interview, Michael discusses, among other things:

  • Why freedom ALWAYS involves property rights and why it’s impossible to have personal freedom without    those property rights
  • What the real date of our independence from Great Britain was (hint: it wasn’t July 4th)
  • Why George Washington wasn’t really our first president…

About Michael Badnarik:

While enduring the frustrations of being blacked out on the campaign trail,  Michael decided to write a book about the Constitution entitled Good To Be King The Foundations of Freedom.

Michael Badnarik’s fascination with the Constitution began in 1983, while he was managing the Braidwood Nuclear Simulator project.  Beginning an  in-depth study of this important and misunderstood document, Michael eventually became one of the most recognized modern experts on the Constitution.

He also began to lay the foundation for his well-attended and widely-praised Constitution class which has been attended by thousands of people over the years

You can find out more about Michael and read his excellent articles at: