by Teresa Kuhn,JD, RFC, CSA


If you are like many of my Austin-area Bank on Yourself (r) clients, you may have been conditioned to believe that reliance on banks and finance companies is both necessary and normal.  Banking is just one of “those things” you have to put up with, like government regulations or paying taxes.

While you might balk at the many rules banks impose upon you and cringe when you find out just how much of your money is being siphoned off in interest and fees, you still continue to feel obligated to use banks to help you finance your lifestyle.

After all, that’s where the money is, right?

Trust me, you’re not alone in thinking that you are stuck depending on banks to help you chart a risk-resistant retirement, or help you finance your home or major purchases.

Like many people, you just haven’t gotten the right kind of education when it comes to money and how it really works.  Even though I have a degree in finance, there was nothing in the curriculum that taught me about alternatives to banks and finance companies;alternatives that make more financial sense than paying high interest to banks.

Until I learned about Bank on Yourself and how to become my own source of financing, I never knew there was a viable option for financing major purchases and avoiding throwing my money down the drain paying high interest rates and fees.

In fact, I soon discovered that this option was even better than paying CASH!

Bank on Yourself taught me how to think in a completely different way about financing and investing. For the the first time, I learned I could control my own financial destiny instead of always being at the mercy of financial institutions.

I became so passionate about this concept that I made it my life’s mission to take the message of becoming your own source of financing to people across Texas, from Austin to Fredericksburg , Kerrville to San Marcos, Round Rock, Marble Falls and beyond.

The central idea of becoming your own source of financing is that when the time comes for you to make a major purchase, one where you would normally borrow the money from a bank, you would instead be able to borrow directly from yourself via a specially-designed, custom whole life policy.  You would then repay the loan to YOURSELF, plus interest.  That way the principle and interest winds up in your own pocket instead of the bank’s.

Bear in mind, however, that the type of whole life policy used to fund this plan is nothing like the ones you may have heard about, or perhaps were owned by your parents or grandparents.  I tailor these policies to the individual client to best suit his or her specific financial goals.

Bank on Yourself is not a get rich scheme, nor is it designed for those who don’t recognize that the biggest risk to their retirement is often their own bad habits.

Instead, it is a proven system driven by one of the safest, most reliable products available and is perfect for people who are flexible thinkers and who want to find new ways to increase their net worth without taking on more risk.

Bank on Yourself can help your accumulate wealth over time by changing the way you do what you are already doing anyway- namely, buying things.  You’ll also get the financial education you’ve been missing and learn how to break some of the bad habits that are costing you money.

So, stop wasting time on conventional money strategies.  A quick look at the morning news tells you those just aren’t working anymore.

Instead, find out more now by requesting my free report.  Go here to get your copy today.