Harry Dent headshotHave you ever wished you could go back in time and invest in a certain stock prior to the 2008 crash or the Great Depression? Have you ever found yourself wondering what the market will do next and whether or not you are prepared to survive or even take advantage of it? What if you could predict the future? With the current volatility in the economy, that would mean knowing when to put money in the market, when to sell, when to buy a home. You would never have to suffer through a Wall Street correction or an economic downturn ever again.

Our guest, economist Harry Dent, is using demographics to predict major economic events decades ahead of time, and his research can help you save money and invest wisely. He successfully predicted the boom and bust cycle we recently came through utilizing the same demographics information and statistics that marketers and insurance professionals use to maximize their business. He has a rather surprising outlook for the next few years and offers a unique perspective on how to position ourselves best to meet the coming market changes.