As an American, you are the citizen of a country going through massive shifts economically. You are paying for the mistakes of your government through taxes and you are having your freedom stripped away little by little. Every day on the television, you see the collapse of many European countries due to their unsound economic policies and you wonder if America will be next. What do you do? Kerry Lutz is dedicated to answering those questions for you. Kerry is a student of Austrian Economics and in 2010 was inspired enough by current financial events to focus his career on educating people on preserving and protecting their wealth though sound investment strategies. Through his Financial Survival Network radio show and the Financial Survival Toolkit, Kerry helps people just like you to adapt to this new economic order.

I urge you to listen in today as Kerry and I discuss how to get your money out of the Wall Street machine so you will not just survive, but prosper in our new economy.
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