Business owners spend tens of thousand of dollars every year on marketing and consulting on how to make marketing better. As a small business owner, I know this all too well. It’s frustrating to spend money on advertising that doesn’t get the results you are looking for. Let’s be honest, everything in every business comes down to marketing, and my guest today will prove it!  Mark Mehling is not your average marketing consultant though, in fact he prefers the title of chief hostage negotiator. Mark works to free business owners from being held hostage by advertising that doesn’t work. He is going to share with you today some of the common mistakes business owners make when marketing and advertising, and how he can help you find assets in your business you may not have recognized to build a proven marketing system that works!

Mark will share to you today the secrets of marketing success, including:

  • How business owners can find the cash to start a proven marketing system in today’s economy.
  • How to make your company’s unique store into the centerpiece for marketing opportunities.
  • Why business should gather clients, not customers.
  • Why isn’t not enough to ‘satisfy’ clients.
  • The truth about Facebook pages- does your company need one?

Mark is truly a marketing guru, he makes it his mission to free small business owners from bullies like the economy and competition that cause to to shovel out so much cash each year for advertising.

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