Laura Pressley headshotHave you noticed the new digital power meters being installed these days? Have you heard rumors that these “Smart Meters” might be emitting unhealthy radiation? Many researchers and health and privacy advocates are blowing the whistle on these meters that are popping up all over the nation – they believe these meters are very dangerous and cross the line. But most people don’t have a choice. If they want electricity, they have to allow them to be installed. Old analogue meters are being replaced with Smart meters even when homeowners say no! Where can you go to know for sure what the effects of this new technology are? How can we fight back and stand up for our rights and for the health of our families?

Our guest, Dr. Laura Pressley, is a technology expert with regard to semiconductor devices. She developed the first Smart Meter Opt Out Program in Texas – and she is going to help us better understand the dangers of RF and Microwave radiation that we are all exposed to from these meters and specifically what we can do for our health and safety.