It seems that everyone these days knows of someone- whether it’s a close family member or friend, or even through their own experience- that has been effected by cancer. We have seen how cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can bear heavy costs on finances and health. Sometimes, these treatments even cost a cancer patient their life. But have you considered that there may be an alternative. William Kelley Eidem, author of the controversial book, “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer”, is with us today to tell us the story of Dr. Emanuel Revici’s medical breakthroughs in cancer and AIDS treatments. He will also open your eyes to the politics of cancer treatment, and why hospitals, drug companies, and government agencies are quick to put profits first.

Mr. Eidem will discuss:

-Why dangerous and expensive treatments dominate the field of oncology.

-Who really is in control of the cancer research field, and it’s NOT doctors or scientists.

-Why politics plays such a large role in medicine.

-How current policies affect the public’s perception of natural or alternative remedies.

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