Adam Kokesh HeadshotWe’ve grown up believing that we live in the freest country on the planet. But what do the facts say? When you’re more likely to be killed by police than a terrorist, does that sound like freedom? When around 40% of your income is taken from you by the government, does that sound like freedom? When most of the things we think of as basic rights require a government-issued license or permit, does that sound like freedom? Or does that sound like a police state?

But what should we do with this realization and understanding about the declining situation in America? Should we focus our efforts on angry protests and email campaigns? Should we call our lawmakers and chew them out? Should we stockpile guns and ammo? Well, maybe the first thing we should do is a bit simpler. Maybe we can actually change the world by looking within.

Our guest, Adam Kokesh, is a former US marine, a liberty activist, and a talk radio host. He’s going to help us understand how self-empowerment and the right attitude is what liberty is all about.