Stefanie O'Connell, broke and beautiful, thrifty living tipsDo you sit down to pay the bills and wonder where all your money is going? Does it sometimes seem like there is never enough to get to where you want to go? Maybe you’ve tried getting on a budget, but it was just too complicated or you weren’t sure how it would affect your standard of living. Many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. There are more questions than answers out there, it seems. Maybe there’s a secret to all this. Maybe it doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

Our guest, Stefanie O’Connell, moved to New York to become a Broadway actress during the Great Recession, and in the process learned clever ways to make a little go a long way. She is the author of The Broke and Beautiful Life, and she’s going to share with us some of the tips and secrets that have helped transform her life.