In 1996 Jim Comer’s life took a drastic turn when he had to quit his job to become the caretaker for his elderly parents. This situation was one that many of us will experience, with long term care costs on the rise many of our parents will not be able to afford nursing home care if they become unable to care for themselves. Scarier, at some point you may have to depend on your children to care for you. Jim was able to ultimately gain from this role reversal, rediscovering his family values and sharing his story in his book, “When Roles Reverse”. He was also able to develop a unique coaching philosophy which separates him from others in his field.

Through his stories Jim, a speech coach and keynote speaker, will share with you:

-The importance of celebrating achievements while still pushing for higher goals

-How to discover your own individual personality while speaking to a group

-Why there is no ‘right way’

-Why sharing stories is so important

-How to prepare for and find the humor in difficult family situations.

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