Our country is divided: liberal vs. conservative, black vs. white, poor vs. rich. Instead of learning from each other, from the experiences of others, we blame them for our own issues. As my guest today- the author, activist and research scientist, Mary Ruwart explains, if we can just figure out how to live by the old adages of taking responsibility for our own actions and loving our neighbor, we can actually create a world of prosperity and peace. In her book, ‘Healing our World’, which is available online at www.ruwart.com, Mary explains why these win-lose situations are causing us to struggle as a nation, and how we can turn them into win-win situations.

We will discuss:

  • why the world is suffering when so much social reform has taken place
  • how every person violates the ‘golden rule’ on a daily basis, without realizing
  • how forcing goodwill on others hurts, rather than helps them
  • why the minimum wage laws actually cause the poor to get poorer
  • how to achieve wealth without using aggression and coercion

I highly encourage our listeners to read your book, Healing Our World, which is completely free online at http://www.ruwart.com. We could all use some healing in the world today, so we can stop this division, and come together as a country. It is much easier to conquer when we are divided, and those in power know and understand that very well. The best way to fight back, is to come together.