Happy Easter to all of our Living Wealthy Radio® listeners!

We have a very special guest returning today, the 2004 Libertarian party Presidential nominee, Michael Badnarik. The last time he was on the show he talked a little about his frustrations on the campaign trail and his book about the Constitution, but today the show is geared toward you! Through his widely-praised classes on the Constitution, Michael Badnarik teaches Americans just like you about their rights laid out under the Constitution and Bill of Rights are.

Constitutionalism has become a popular topic of conversation in America lately, as the federal government becomes more and more of a presence in our everyday lives. Do you find that you are concerned that Congress has gone too far, that the American dream won’t be attainable for your children and grandchildren? Michael Badarnik is going to talk to you about why individual liberty, personal responsibility, and strict adherence to the guidelines set out by the Constitution are keys to getting our country back on track! Michael Badnarik will explain why property rights are so important when it comes to your ability to create and build wealth for yourself and generations to come.

You can read more about Michael Badnarik and the Constitution at http://www.constitutionpreservation.org/, and at www.aclu.org.

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