We have an eye-opening show today for our Living Wealthy Radio® listeners! We decided to put Teresa in the hot seat, and let Tammy DeLeeuw interview her about what she’s discovered about how money really works and how a Bank on Yourself policy can help you build something that everyone needs- a strong financial foundation.

We have been taught for decades that we should be shoveling our hard earned dollars into the stock market and hope that when we retire it will be enough. We’ve been taught that major purchases such as cars, home remodels, and vacations should be made through finance companies and banks. Finally, we’ve been taught that helping our kids go through college should cost of us years of stress and debt! It’s not true!

Let us show YOU:

-How to grow your nest egg safely and predictably through the years!

-How to sleep soundly knowing your investment is working on auto-pilot, bringing you guaranteed returns and peace of mind!

-How to finance your major purchases in life and pay the interest you have been giving to banks and finance companies back to yourself!

-How when you need a loan from your policy the only question you will be asked is, “How Much?”!

-How to help your children pay for college without going into debt!

Break the cycle, and have your money start working for YOU!


Press play to listen, or download the podcast!