Christopher Hill, death planning, insurance for end of life planningAre you adequately prepared for your eventual passing from this world? An unpleasant question, but one that we should all be able to answer. A recent survey from a Washington Post article revealed that over 90% of people believe it is a good idea to pre-plan and pre-pay their funeral arrangements, but less than 10% have actually had “the conversation” or begun any form of planning! Look, no one likes to think about death. I get it. But what we’re going to discuss on the show, today, will be more than worth your time – and you and your family will benefit from the peace of knowing you won’t be caught unprepared.

Our guest, Christopher Hill, is a financial advisor and the most widely recognized editor and speaker on the subject of End of Life Planning. He’s going to help us better understand how to prepare for the inevitable and make sure our loved ones aren’t vulnerable to debt, painful decisions, and confusion when the time comes.