Do you know your rights as an American citizen? Sheriff Mack is here today to educate you about your rights protected under the Constitution. For those of you that don’t know Sheriff Mack, he is an advocate for liberty and freedom and a true Constitutionalist. As Sheriff of Graham County in Arizona, he fought a federal law called the Brady Bill and was able to prove at the Supreme Court level that the law was unconstitutional and could not be upheld. Today, he educates police and military in American about their powers to protect the people against the federal government and to uphold the Bill of Rights and Constitution. This thought- provoking information doesn’t just effect the military and law enforcement however, it effects your rights as an American citizen. The founders of the Constitution knew of the importance of property rights and it’s role in building wealth. You don’t want to miss this show!

Sheriff Mack is also running for the Texas Congress, you can learn more about his campaign at