Security cameras, red light cameras, webcams- is there ever a moment we aren’t being filmed? Social media, mobile phones, and cars with GPS systems- they know your location at all times. At banks and financial institutions- everything we think and do is being recorded! Is privacy a thing of the past? Katherine Albrecht, founder of CASPIAN, author of the best-selling book, “Spychips- How  Major Corporations Plan to Track Your Every Move With RIFDs”, and advocate of free market consumer based privacy solutions is with us today to offer her expert opinion. Teresa and Katherine will discuss how major corporations and government are tracking your every move, and how to protect your privacy using Katherine’s suggestions and a properly structured Bank on Yourself policy!
-Are your emails and web searches being recorded and dissected?
-Has it become fashionable in today’s world of social media to record every detail of your life?
-The surprising ways your grocery store purchases can be used against you.
-How companies can purchase detailed profiles of you.
-Is privacy just a delusion today?
-How to break free of the default crowd and reclaim your privacy!
-How Bank on Yourself can protect you and your family from creditors and lawsuits!
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